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Para-terrorism and the use of Paranormal Psychology: From Paranormal Sociology & Paranormal Criminology

Tres Mali Scott
This topic is endorsed in part by by Tres Mali Scott 2nd & 3rd Place Citizen Journalist Awarded Writer for Crisis Reporting.

spend more money and time on technology than most countries spend on their . National defenses include:
  • Recruitment,
  • Training,Fox 12
  • Housing,
  • Policing,
  • Equipment, and
  • Education.
Para-terrorist focus on technology and track the person they are for their dangerous vocation, like other countries track athletes for the profitable Olympics and doctors. Para-terrorist track and emphasize use of psychopathologies.
In the United States of America we use colleges and universities. have already happened, students shooting masses of students.
Para-terrorist Most Likely Active In This Region of the World
Para-terrorist Most Likely Active In This Region of the World
Paranormal psychology is a science that has systems and formulas, in the U.S. these systems and formulas of paranormal psychology as a science are used to heal and improve social functioning for individuals and groups to follow accepted norms.
Para-terrorist use paranormal psychology and it really look like “para-abnormal psychology”, through the use of these scientific formulas and systems to cause decay (biological warfare) and non-functioning that are not a part of societies norms. It is not a societal norm to blow yourself up, “suicide bombings”.
Para-terrorism triggers behaviors that individuals thought were extinguished, this concept is seen more in ex-drug users, gang members, and criminals. Many move to different environments that are less likely to trigger the old behaviors. What is meant by trigger, like “normal disassociative disorder” or “auto pilot”, it is an automatic behavioral response to something that takes time to replace. This includes forms of programming, meaning repeating a behavior over and over again until it is the new auto “pilot behavior”. In the United States of America, most programming is associated with religion or cult behaviors.
Para-terrorism has five major components according a d a part of the
  1. A precipitating Event, a major “Terrorist or Para-terrorist Act”,
  2. Causing something that is characterized like Acute Stress Disorder,
  3. and para-terrorism,
  4. Maintenance of the stress,
  5. Causing the Acute Stress Disorder to become Chronic Stress Disorder.
According to the June 2009 Issue of Independent. American. Richard Myers Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff from October 2001 – September 2005 had coined a term that describes “para-terrorist”, it is “violent extremists”. He acknowledges”…biological weapons…” and is considered an expert in “intelligence of violent extremists or para-terrorists”. Richard Myers has a and a book, Eyes on the Horizon: Serving on the Front Lines of National Security.
This issue of also states a British government report acknowledges”…the threat of a terrorist attack…with a weapon of mass destruction…such as a nuclear or biological weapon is higher than ever…”
Marvin J. Cetron, Ph.D. is the founder of Forecasting International, has consulted with:
  1. NSA
  2. CIA
  3. 100 Government Agencies
  4. 150 Academic and Professional Organizations
  5. More than 400 of the Fortune 500 firms
He oversaw the Fourth Annual Defense Worldwide Combating Terrorism Conference in 1994 and served as White House adviser, he published a report, “Terror 2000: The Future Face of Terror, “ and it accurately predicted multiple terrorist attacks. These consultations are accurate in how “Para-terrorist or violent extremists” operate within the “Five Major Components of Para-terrorism”:
  1. Major Para-terrorist Act
  2. Acute Stress Disorder
  3. Continued Para-terrorism
  4. Maintenance of Stress
  5. Chronic Stress Disorder

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